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Meet the owners of Estate Interiors, Mark and Brian

Meet the Owners
Mark and Brian

For well over 20 years it has been our passion to collect, to buy and to resell furniture. There is something about finding that perfect piece at a great price. Even though trends may come and go, we’ve always returned to our roots, with a deep admiration of well made furniture.

Our appreciation for architecture and design, gives us the passion and energy to create beautifully unique spaces using today’s furniture trends, while also incorporating stylish furniture crafted so long ago. We always dreamed of one day owning our own furniture consignment store, and in 2021 we found a charming building, here in the heart of downtown Fountain Hills, Arizona.

We are proud to be a part of this beautifully vibrant, up and coming business community. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our store. It is our goal to help you create inspired spaces with wonderfully unique and hard to find pieces for a good value.

"Estate Interiors Offers Boutique Consignment Experience"

For the past 10 months, Brian Dillman and his partner, Mark Esparza, have been running Estate Interiors, the town’s newest boutique consignment shop, housed in the historic building on N. Verde River Drive.

The newly renovated space has been turning heads as passersby remember the old liquor store that has “Pretty Womaned” itself into the outwardly charming and reimagined establishment.

Inside, however, visitors will find a maze of high-end furniture fresh for the picking, with a purposeful “mess” that allows clients to hunt for great deals on high-quality furniture, of which, there are many.

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